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Strawberry Harvest: Hygiene Measures

#Hygiene #Berrypicking #Strawberries #Berries #Strawberries #howto Training video 1 / 4: In this video we show you wh

Fruits & noix
Strawberry Harvest: Picking the Strawberries

Training video 4 / 4: In this video we show you what you have to pay attention to when picking strawberries.

Fruits & noix
Strawberry Harvest: Packing and Transport

Training video 3/4: This video shows you what you have to prepare for packing and transporting the berries.

Fruits & noix, Méthodes
Strawberry harvest: worker safety

Training video 2/4: In this video we would like to show you what you have to pay attention to with your clothes and w

Fruits & noix, Méthodes
Waste Management

This "G.A.P. in Action" video gives an introduction into waste management as part of the GLOBALG.A.P.

Gestion durable des terres, Méthodes
Post-Harvest Hygiene

This G.A.P. in Action video introduces hygiene considerations after harvest and during produce handling.

Légumes, Fruits & noix
Plant Protection Products: Selection and Application

This video outlines what to consider when selecting and applying plant protection products in line with the GLOBALG.A

Autres cultures, Gestion intégrée des ravageurs, Gestion durable des terres
Public webinar on globalg.a.p. certification during the covid-19 pandemic

The webinar is aimed at: producers packers buyers consultants The webinar covers the following topics: Certification

Get to know the globalg.a.p. crops for processing (cfp) standard

The CfP Standard covers crops that are slated to be frozen, juiced, used to make pre-cooked meals, and used for anima

Autres cultures
G.a.p. in action video: integrated pest management (ipm)

#globalgap #pestcontrol #agriculture #IPM #gapinaction

Gestion intégrée des ravageurs

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