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Coping with floods in northwestern Bangladesh

This video shows how farmers in northwestern Bangladesh are using flood-tolerant rice varieties to cope with many flo

Céréales, Méthodes, Autres
Cashing in with parboiled rice

Although rice is highly nutritious, a lot of the quality is lost during processing.

Céréales, Autres
Improving rice quality

"...culture of quality is very important for us to push back the dumping from outside, if we don't do it; whether its

Compétences en affaires, Céréales, Méthodes
New affordable IRRI moisture tester for rice

Also see: http://www.scribd.

Céréales, Mécanisation, Méthodes
Kahalagahan ng superbag

Also see "Farmers got talent" at

Céréales, Méthodes, Autres
Measuring Rice Grain Moisture Content Céréales, Mécanisation, Méthodes
Farmers tell their stories: Benefits of the super bag

Also see "Farmers got talent" at

Rice grain drying using the sun: Sun drying rice grain (English)

Sun drying is the traditional method for reducing the moisture content of rice by spreading the grains in the sun.

Céréales, Méthodes, Autres
Reversible airflow flatbed dryer in the Philippines (Dubbed in English)

Drying paddy under the sun is cheap and environment-friendly, but it has its limitations.

Céréales, Mécanisation, Méthodes
Flatbed Dryer: Improving rice quality in Cambodia (Khmer)

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; ) has found that from

Céréales, Méthodes

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