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Celebrating the Kenyan Farmer: Francis Muiruri and James Ngata


Business Skills, Others, Vegetables
Celebrating the Kenyan Farmer: Sophia Mbugua


Business Skills, Others, Vegetables
Celebrating the Kenyan Farmer: Phyllis Mwinza


Business Skills, Others, Vegetables
African Nightshade ( Managu) Recipe

Managu is a traditional African vegetable that is so rich in iron which in most African communities, is served boiled

Methods, Others, Vegetables
Enriched Porridge - African Traditional Recipes

As with all simple dishes, the key to great porridge in good ingredients and the little details.

Cereals, Methods, Others
Cassava Curry Recipe - African Traditional Recepies


Methods, Roots, Tubers & Bananas
Black Beans (Njahi) Recipe

Black beans are a staple in South American cuisine ,here in Kenya they remain a preserve of central Kenya.Black beans

Methods, Others, Pulses
Yam & Mixed Vegetables Recipe


Methods, Roots, Tubers & Bananas, Vegetables
Breadcrumbed Sweet Potatoes Recipe - African Traditional Foods


Methods, Others, Roots, Tubers & Bananas
The Smallholder Success Engine

The Commercial Village Model is the engine of Commercialisation through which FCI is bringing an agricultural revival

Business Skills, Others, Policy

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