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How to use Agtube


You do not need to register to view videos and clips on Agtube, just browse and use the search facilities. There are 15 subject categories where you will find many different types of videos and video clips, these may be in many different languages. You can search for videos and clips in a specific language by using the ‘select language’ dropdown menu at the top of the webpage. You can search for specific subjects of interest using the ‘Search Agtube’ keyword box at the top of the webpage.

On the homepage there are also three rows of suggested videos for you to explore. In addition there is a row that shows the latest training videos available for download from Access Agriculture. On other pages you will find suggestions for related videos to view.


Why Register?

By registering, you can upload your own videos and clips, and also make comments and recommendations, or ‘likes’, on other videos on the site. In addition, if you find any videos that are unsuitable or offensive, please use the ‘report this video’ button to let us know what the issue is so that we can take appropriate action.

How to Register?

Click on the ‘Register now’ link. This takes you through to the registration page. Here you simply fill in the information required. This will not be passed on to any other organisations. You will receive an email with a link to verify your registration. It is essential that you verify your registration. Once registered you can log in quickly, and change aspects of your profile at any time.


You must be logged in to upload any videos or clips. Once logged in, select the ‘upload media’ tab and browse to select your video. You can also copy and paste a URL from another site such as youtube and vimeo.There is a maximum duration for any video of 15 minutes. Remember the larger the file you are uploading, the longer it will take. All major and common video file types are suitable for uploading. You must fill in the additional information required, including title, description, language of the video and select up to 3 of the categories.

Once the video has uploaded, it will be available for moderation by the Agtube team, only when approved will the video be available on the Agtube site and within your profile. Videos that are purely promoting a commercial product are not acceptable on Agtube. Any video that is offensive on the grounds of decency, race, religion or politics will not be approved. If you find a video which you think does not follow these guidelines, please report it to us using the ‘report this video’ button.

In your 'My Uploads' tab, you will be able to see which videos are available to view and which are still in moderation. You can delete any of your videos at any time.

The following file types are acceptable for upload: 3GP, FLV, MP4 and MPEG-2
There is a maximum duration for any video of 15 minutes


When you are logged in, you can post a comment on any video on the site. You can also ‘like’ any video – and share it using other social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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