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Black Beans (Njahi) Recipe

Black Beans (Njahi) Recipe


16926 views - Submitted on Thu, 08/10/2015


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Black beans are a staple in South American cuisine ,here in Kenya they remain a preserve of central Kenya.Black beans in parts of Kenya are a delicacy especially given to expectant and breast-feeding mothers to boost milk production as well as aid in aiding the mothers recovery after child-birth.Black beans need to feature in every pregnant woman's diet.Its high iron content is also great for pregnant women and any individuals who need to boost their Hb(Haemoglobin) levels The black bean or njahi is a very nutritionally rich food,its high in protein,folate ,iron,vitamin B6,calcium,magnesium and phosphorus. As a legume the soluble fibre that it contains is very good in lowering cholesterol levels.

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