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by Keron Bascombe (Tech4agri)

11450 views - Submitted on Tue, 21/07/2015


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What's your first thought when you hear the word Agriculture? Is it Food? Thinking of a Farmer? Well there is a whole lot more to Agriculture than farmers. We are Agripeople. People just like you and me striving for an honest living in so many ways. And even if we were all farmers you should still respect us as we feed you. Agripeople is precursor to Tech4agri: the webseries. The latter will be of a different style of visual story telling however the former proves the latter is possible. Credits Director and Narration: Keron Bascombe Cameramen: Keron Bascombe, Suelin Navarro, Marc Chandler Special Thanks to presenters/interviewees Vendors/Producers of UpMarket Members of the Macoya Market Private agri-producers Network of Rural Women producers - Mango Festival The Tableland Pineapple Farmers - National Fruit Festival.

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